From special education to gifted and talented program


Photo CC By protoflux

When I started school, I had difficulties communicating my needs, my knowledge and ideas. I was a very imaginative child and I didn’t quite fit into the boundaries of society.  I became increasing frustrated and ended up getting tested for special education classes because my thought processes were so different from the majority of the class. I was easily discouraged and my faith in my academic ability began disappear.


Photo CC By wecometolearn

Eventually I was introduced to the creative art of writing. Writing stories and nonfiction pieces gave me confidence in my academic skills and also gave me an outlet for creative expression. Writing made learning a fun experience that allowed my personality to shine through my work. Writing became my great equalizer and put me on the same level as any successful student.


Photo CC by Krissy Venosdale

In my later elementary years, I was tested again by the school system. However, this time I was tested for the gifted and talented program of my school. The gifted and talented program was designed for students who are above the average learning level. To go from being tested for special education services to being placed in the class for exceptional learners really made an impact on my academic career. I gained full confidence in my academic abilities by entering the program and became hopeful that I could be a success in any area of school if I pushed myself enough.


Photo CC by Joseph Nastri

In highschool, I joined the debate team and I rocked at it. I took the love I have for writing and used it as a tool to motivate and convince an audience. My passion for humanity and for words were perfectly combined with my competitive spirit through debate.


Photo CC by Pete Arenas

When I went to college, I realized that I am entirely responsible for my education. I did not receive any aid from the government or from my family for my tuition, room and board or any other part of my education. With no support or experience, I jumped into the most expensive college with loans. Half way through the year, I was asked to leave since I could no longer afford the payments on my room and board or the payments on my loans. I exited the prestigious university with only 18 credits to speak of and my head hanging low.


2 thoughts on “From special education to gifted and talented program

  1. I think your future students are going to be really inspired by your story, I’m inspired by your story. I think it’s important for your students to see how you persevered and found your personal talents.


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