Reinvent Education


This video has persuaded me to reinvent how I view education and my role in it. This video has made me realize that teachers are intimidating to students naturally because of the authoritative role, and they learn best without being pressured face to face by them. This video is similar to the TEDtalks video with Logan Laplante in that they both touched on how the modern school systems shames students for errors and does not accommodate well for diverse learning styles and capabilities.

The amazing thing about the Khan Online Learning Academy is that the system won’t allow you to move on to a more difficult concept until you’ve demonstrated proficiency by answering ten questions correctly. This is crucial to education because it promotes mastery. The modern classroom moves through curriculum traditionally with the majority of the the class at a 90% or 95% comprehension level, but the Khan Learning Academy only students to proceed with a 100% comprehension level and many additional tutoring services are offered until it is achieved.

I am excited to incorporate digital learning into my future classroom. Class time I, see as being so much more effective when it’s utilized for active learning and interactive learning. Students can spend more time in the classroom discussing meaning and practicing skills with help from peer tutors or the teachers after they have received the instruction from online education delivery methods.

My favorite thing about the TED talks video with Sal Khan, is that is showed off the personality of the online learning system. In a few clips during Sal Khan’s talk, we saw instances of humor in the website and the personality of the creator is really highlighted. It is important that the website have personality, because it needs to capture the attention of the students and also offer some relief to the stressful situation of grasping new concepts.

I was slightly turned off by the amount of credit Sal Khan took in favor of the website though. While, Khan does create the video lessons, the heavy lifting is done by the technology crew and website designers that stand beside him. While, Khan did make a small shout out to the rest of the crew at Khan Academy the majority of the time he only referred to his own efforts. Besides that, Sal Khan seemed to just have an arrogance about himself, that became really apparent when he talked about how his website can support one million visitors currently, what’s two million more.

Overall, I was impressed with the website design and the style of instruction delivered on the website. Still, I think that the idea of ¬†“flipping the classroom” had been developed and maintained by many other professionals before Sal Khan, and their efforts need to be acknowledged as well.








3 thoughts on “Reinvent Education

  1. This is very interesting, i think students would benefit greatly from a system similar to that of the Khan Acadamy, classrooms especially those of larger size don’t seem to care as much if you are proficient in what you are learning, you either keep up and learn or you’ll be left behind, which I think is wrong


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