Slow But Steady Wins the Race

This week in ASL I have been moving slowly through basic commonly used signs through Rochelle Barlow’s online course, Learn ASL in 31 Days. I progressed through Unit 1’s third Day curriculum about time first. I already knew the signs for “morning” and “night” from the other online ASL course I use StartASL. I found that the curriculum is getting more difficult and more is covered in a shorter amount of time. I feel as though I am not moving through the courses as quick as I’d like to, because I am not retaining the signs as quick as I learned the alphabet or simpler signs.

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In Rochelle Barlow’s 3rd day video in her Learn ASL in 31 Days course, I learned the signs for day, night, morning, noon, afternoon, week, month, year (in two ways, one handed and two handed), will, before, now, today, finished, later, always, next week, last week, yesterday, tomorrow, everyday, all day, and all night. I practice often while I am watching the secretary’s desk during her lunch break at my job. Some students saw me practicing this week, and they asked in me in the afternoon class what I was doing. When I told them that I was practicing ASL, they became interested and I showed them the signs for day, night and good morning. It was interesting to see how my learning can spark others to learn and at least be aware of ASL.

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I decided to keep moving forward with the Rochelle Barlow online curriculum, because her style is unique and interesting. Also, I feel like with Rochelle’s course I am learning the modern way to sign. I continued with Day 4’s curriculum “Places”. In this lesson, I learned the signs for home, work (in two ways), school, store, church, come, go, in, out, car, drive, with, hospital, and house. I struggled most with using the “a” shaped hand and “s” shaped hand in the signs like work and church. Sometimes, I interchange the hands and I have to put a lot of focus into recalling which hand shape is used for which sign.

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The last lesson I learned this week was Rochelle Barlow’s “family” lesson in day five of the curriculum. In this lesson I learned the signs for family,  mom (in two ways), dad (in two ways), boy, girl, grandfather (in two ways), grandmother (in two ways), brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin (boy), cousin (girl), cousin (non-gender specific), baby, son, daughter, single, married, and divorce. I learned that in ASL boy signs are signed on the top half of the face, whereas female signs are signed on the bottom half. I also learned that many sings differ depending on the culture according to location.

I love Rochelle’s program because in incorporates culture with the language. This series of instructional videos have taught me about the importance of facial expressions in ASL, as well as fluid transition between signs.


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