Review, Practice, and Combine: ILP Progress


For the last two weeks, I have been mostly reviewing and combining the signs that I already learned. I learned one new lesson last week over indexing, which is pointing to the person you are talking about, if they are present or absent. Many of the signs I already knew, for example me/I, you, he/she/it, mine, and yours from the StartASL courses that I tried out earlier this semester. I learned some new signs such as we/us, you all, ours, yours, and that. In sign language, if you want to refer to someone who is not present, you would spell out their name and designate a spot for them. You would just keep pointing to that spot to refer to them again, without having to spell out the name.

After indexing, the lessons of Unit 1 were finished. The only thing left to do was complete a packet of review work titled, ” Worksheets” to complete the unit. I printed off the packet an began reviewing. The first couple pages of worksheets were just lists of all the signs we have learned thus far. I was surprised how many signs I forgot. I had forgotten at least a third of what I have learned over the last few weeks. I needed to go back and review the lessons to relearn important signs such as excuse, what, when, want, what-do, all-day, all-night, church, brother, sister, and single. The majority of the signs that I forgot were from the second day lesson over questions and requests, so that is the first video lesson I revisited. I decided to just revisit every lesson consecutively after that. I spent the most time practicing and reviewing the day five family lesson. Communicating gender is difficult for me because I mix up which half of the face to use for which gender. After I reviewed the vocabulary in the review worksheets, I moved on to creating simple sentences. I practiced the sentences and the finally filmed myself signing the sentences. While I was practicing the sentences, I noticed that one of the sentences included a few signs that we had not learned in the lessons. I decided to look up the signs on an online sign language dictionary. I learned the new signs of say, live, name, slow and meet. I loved the Signing Savvy online ASL dictionary because it demonstrated the signs through video, which I prefer to images. The sentences really demonstrate just how much of an amateur I am. I have no flow, am too slow, and make many mistakes. However, I have learned to recognize many signs and with practice I will improve.


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