DigLit Reflection

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When I enrolled in the literacy in the digital age course, I assumed that I would be mostly reading literature through digital devices. I thought that the course would be focused on our ability to read and write. With the word ” literacy” in the course title, it is not a far stretch to assume that the focal point of the class is on literature. The course, however, turned out to be much different that my preconceived notions. The course teaches you how to use digital resources to help you in the professional world. I would never have expected to be relying so heavily on twitter for our information and sharing.

My favorite module was module 2: Hacking Your Education. I loved this module because I was struck by Logan LaPlante’s TEDtalk video. The video opened my eyes to a new approach to education that I have always felt in my heart, but never realized until his discussion. I have always noticed that our education system is flawed. Generations are becoming less and less functional as adults. When Logan LaPlante introduced the idea of focusing on happiness and stress management techniques in public school, I saw that this was a wonderful solution. Our current education system is setup to teach students skills necessary for college and university, but not for real life. I feel that “hacking” education is the missing link in our society.

The most difficult module was most definitely module 6: Approaches to Learning. This was difficult for me because I felt that so many of the learning approaches were so similar. For example, experiential learning and project based learning both focus on hands on activities and give students free range to perform tasks.  Reflection and evaluation are part of both experiential learning and project based learning. The inquiry based learning approach and problem based learning approach are also so similar that it is difficult to decipher which is which and how they are different. I had to do quite a bit of research to even decide on which learning approach I would focus on.

In the second half of the semester, I am eager to work with ds106 Daily Create. I use digital devices all the time for gaining information, sharing information, personalized learning networks and things of that nature. I am excited to use Daily Create, because it will give me the opportunity to create using digital devices. I have always wanted to learn how to mix still imagery with video, and I suspect that in one of the challenges I will be asked to do this. I want to learn also how to use Google more in the classroom, besides as a search engine. For example, I would like to explore Google Classroom or Google chat rooms.


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