I Have A Digital Footprint?!

I began a search to discover my own digital footprint, by running part of my name through a google search. When I searched the name Mercedes Alfaro, I did not find any information that pertained to me. I learned that there were many impressive doctors in many areas named Mercedes Alfaro, but that did not help me in my investigation of my digital footprint.

I decided to narrow my search my googling my full legal name, Mercedes Vanessia Alfaro-Bretthauer. This search did turn up with one of the first hits being a site called MyLife.com.  I had never heard of this site before this search. On this site, my age was listed with some information regarding my previous addresses. The site still had me listed as currently living at one of my previous addresses. The full address information was not disclosed on the website, just enough for me recognize it. What really concerned me was that on the website, there was an option to do a full “background check” on me and find out my current phone number and access the full address information. I could not choose the option to see my full background check unless I made an account and I didn’t want to give the website any more information than they already had. There was an option to remove the information from the website, but when I selected it it took me to a sign up page again. I don’t have the slightest clue how this information ended up on this page, but I’m sure it has to be violating some sort of privacy laws.

Next I chose to do an image search of my common name, Mercedes Alfaro. The majority of the images were of other women, however the search did turn up with two pictures of me, both embarrassing. The first image that came up of me was my profile picture for my myspace account from when I was in middle school. When I tried to go to the site where the image was retrieved, I couldn’t because it was restricted. The next image that surfaced during the search was the picture of me that was used for my identification badge for the public school that I work in. When I go to the page that the image was retrieved from, I am taken to the gering public schools staff website page.

Finally, I searched myself through the video search on google and after quite a bit of digging, I found some videos that I posted on youtube for previous assignments in other classes. One of the videos I found I was teaching a lesson on multiplication. In another, I was showing the sign language vocabulary that I was learning and finally an introduction of my musical background.

In all, I found that there is not a whole lot of information about me on the internet aside from school work and general information regarding my age and location. My digital footprint is small and someone would need to really dig if they wanted to find me online.


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