Mindful Use of Technology

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The topic of mindful use of technology is a topic that I have been contemplating frequently recently. I have started to notice that I am disconnecting from my family and loved ones with the mindless use of the internet. When I come home from work, the first thing I do is take out my iPhone and look through Facebook and Snapchat. I think that I have developed this habit as a method of avoiding my responsibilities like housework, homework, and exercising. I am not only not working on things that are essential for my health and success, but I am also not interacting with anyone while this happening. My Fiance has actually started to notice my mindless use of technology also. He has mentioned to me that he feels ignored and alone when I am mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

It is not only at home that I become consumed with mindless use of the internet. On Sundays I go to church with my Grandma and then lunch with both of my grandparents. Last Sunday, I spent the lunch chatting on Snapchat and texting. I am missing important moments because I fall into the void of Facebook and other social media sites. In the article, Why You Feel Terrible After Spending Too Much Time on Facebook  I learned that I am not the only one who loses real life socialization and efficient use of time when on Facebook. Many studies were done all over the world that tested the effects on Facebook on people’s emotions, and almost all of the research pointed to people feeling worse after they used Facebook. Some of it was due to guilt and some of it was due to the content on social media.

Another article, Bored… And Brilliant? A Challenge to Disconnect From Your Phone gave me a new reason for disconnecting from Facebook and other social media sites. The article discussed the importance of boredom. The mind comes up with its most creative and innovative ideas when bored. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, replace boredom with junk content. “We might go off in our heads to try and find that stimulation by our minds wandering, daydreaming and you start thinking a little bit beyond the conscious, a little bit in the subconscious which allows sort of different connections to take place,” Mann said. I feel like with the mindless use of technology plaguing me, I am not using my mind to its full extent.


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